What Personal Training can do for you?

Weight Loss

Many people seek out personal training to lose weight or, more accurately, lose fat. Often, they want to change their shape – some want to tone up without bulking up, while others want to bulk up and trim down. With PH Fitness, it’s all possible. We look at your specific goals then help you achieve the shape you’re looking for, working towards building muscle, mobilising fat and losing flab. You’ll probably see the results quite quickly and feel them within a few short sessions. You’ll certainly feel more energised.

Cardiovascular fitness

Cardiovascular (or ‘cardio’) work plays a vital role in any personal training programme. Not only is it important for burning calories, it’s vital for general and improved fitness and helps reduce the risk of heart disease in later life. I know that getting fit ‘cardiovascularly’ can be hard work, so we put together personalised programmes that are challenging, yet varied and fun.

Increased muscle strength

Weight training should be a part of every personal training programme, using either your own body weight or external weights for resistance. Muscles need to be regularly exercised and stretched to maintain their mobility and elasticity and there’s no better way than working a dedicated personalised programme. The benefits of increased muscle tone – aside from looking good – are important for all-over general health, since many of the body’s organ systems are influenced by muscle fitness.

Muscle Building

Male and female clients who are serious about building muscle mass come to me for advanced training and nutrition methods which build muscle and strip fat. Some are into competitive bodybuilding whilst others simply like the lean and muscled look. I have the training and experience needed to guide anyone towards their muscle building goals. I keep up-to-date with the latest industry research regarding training, recovery, nutrition and supplementation.